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To wear a mask or not???

Ok so I made the mistake today of posting that the CDC has updated their recommendations on homemade face masks. The article I read stated that it was not a good practice due to the collection of moisture which makes a cozy little hideaway for virus and bacterium. Lesson learned.....

My point was use it if you want just do not think you are fully protected. My fear was that people would think this was a 100% good substitute when it is not. My message was it has a level of protection but don't get too comfy or lazy people. Keep washing your hands, social distancing and yes, by all means stay at home. Do not go to the store unless you are out of something and do not have a substitute for it. Let that list grow and do not go out until you hit 5 items.

Yesterday we stayed in but my cousin and his wife, who have been following the guidelines, came over for some help with a painting project. (These are barstool tops that need to dry, season and be polyurethaned and let dry. A two month project I wanted done before my son's graduation party that I hope still gets to happen) One of my other friends stopped in to watch the process, soooo there we were a party of 8. As always I love hosting and seeing people and yes I am a hugger so this has been a REAL struggle for me! But it was uncomfortable, there was some weird guilt cloud hanging over us. This has stuck in my mind all day today. I do not think the sky is falling but from everything I have read we need to social distance, stay home, wash our hands, eat healthy and take this seriously.

I said that I would talk more about TCM this time so here comes that part.....

What can you do? This is my take away from all the information I have gathered.


2. If you must go out take wipes, hand sanitizer or spray with you.

3. Take your own bag to the store and don't use a basket.

4. Put the clothes you wore in the washer and push start as soon as you get home.

5. Take a shower as soon as you take off the clothes!

6. Drink warm/hot water with a couple squeezes of fresh lemon. (As soon as you are out of the shower if you left the safety of your home or once an hour if not if you have not been isolated)

7. Eat Liver!!! I know you all just made that horrible face, some of you may have had bad childhood flashbacks that involved lots of condiments. But this is the food Gold right now, it helps build fresh blood which will help your immune function.

8. Breathe! Smile! Laugh! In that order or you can shake it up.

9. Sunshine please, just 15-20 min. a day will help with vitamin D levels.

Ok so that was a lot of instructions. Maybe my next post will be pate recipes! But in the mean time check in with your friends, if you can video call try it! We had a Zoom "Cocktail Hour" last Saturday and it was great! Your extroverted friends will love to see your face, even if it is only on a video screen. So to all of you introverts, it really is time to step up and check in on us.

Take care, wash your hands, stay healthy and I will be back.......

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