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My reality of this situation....

So here we are, at home with our loved ones and no place to go. Is this not what we long for while we have overbooked schedules? Don't we all talk about how we wish we had that long weekend to get the closet cleaned or finish that craft project? I know I have a list of all the things I want to get done but never have the time.....So, why am I sitting at my computer typing? Let's face it my nickname has been "the get shit done girl". My friends will call me when they need something done. Yet here I sit, like a bump on a log. I can feel the anxiety starting to raise, my temper getting shorter and the lack of motivation overwhelming. For those of you who know me please lift your chin from your chest, for those who do not just know dust does not settle within 12ft of me. I mean yah it was fun the first week, I finished an afghan, almost have a 2nd done and completed some puzzles. So why am I frozen now???

With my background in Chinese Medicine (TCM) I am forever trying to find the root cause of disfunction so yes I have analyzed this....

I finally figured this out today when I was trying to schedule a zoom interview and could not settle on a time, that's it SCHEDULE!!!!! I am organized and have a fine tuned, multi color coded iCal schedule. Every different modality has a color, each family member has a color, each organization has a color and there is even one for fun! And POOF it is all pretty colors, I am lost.....

This diagnosis helped me turn the corner to recovery. So now I am going to schedule a few events..walk dog, kitchen time, tv time, and taking the advice of my web designer, start a blog. I realized I just need a little color on that calendar to look forward to. But I will keep lots of open space and as a friend said to me today, "This is where we really figure out who we are". She's right who are you when you are not over booked?

I am not sure how often I will write but I will try to post something informative about TCM or essential oils that will interest you. If you have suggestions on topics feel free to send me a message!

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